Former KC athlete and family granted 1 year reprieve against deportation from Canada

Jamaican athlete Tamarri Lindo has been given a 1 year reprieve from deportation to Jamaica from Canada. A removal order was issued to the Lindo family by the North American Country's Border Services Agency in May.

However, news emerged on Wenesday that the family will have at least another year in Canada after public outcry and fears that they could face political persecution, according to advocacy group "Migrant Workers Alliance For Change". Lindo and his family moved to Toronto when he was 15.

He’s now 20 and recently finished third in the 110-metre hurdles at the Canadian National Olympic Trials but did not qualify for the games in Paris.

The Lindo family has received a temporary resident permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The family fled Jamaica in 2019 because it believed it was at risk for its political affiliations. Lindo's father had volunteered and helped campaign with the country's opposition, the People's National Party. 

Lindo last competed at the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships in 2019 in the semi-finals of the Class 2 boys sprint hurdles for Kingston College.



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