TVJ reports progress in testing of devices for NextGen TV digital signals

There has been steady progress in local testing of devices to allow current television sets to receive next generation digital signals.
Television Jamaica says it has been working with set top box manufacturers, to fine tune the functionality of the devices.
The aim is to have these boxes available in Jamaica, to allow TVs to receive the new NextGen TV digital signals. 
A set top box converts over-the-air digital broadcast signals to analog for televisions.
TVJ says set top box manufacturer Saankhya Labs, headquartered in India, is one of the companies testing boxes locally.
Saankhya has partnered with US digital media solutions company Tolka to execute the process.
The companies say, based on the testing done, a number of set top boxes and dongles enabled for local use, will be showcased at a consumer electronics show, to be held in Las Vegas in January 2023.
TVJ has confirmed that more than four different set top boxes and other devices, including cell phones, dongles (for phones and tvs) and tv sets have been tested. 
Most televisions being sold currently do not have an ATSC 3.0 receiver installed.
In January 2022, Television Jamaica became the first local media house to begin next generation television broadcast, as part of the government mandated digital switch-over.
Jamaica is the third country in the world to start ATSC 3.0 TV broadcasting.
The RJRGLEANER Communications Group, of which Television Jamaica is a member, plans to spend about US$7.5 million on the transition.
Analog switch off is set for 2023. 

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