Discussions being held concerning Queen’s replacement

Discussions are intensifying about the political figure who will replace the Queen when Jamaica finally takes the steps to replace her as Head of  State. 

There are now increased calls for more consultations and input from the public, over whether there should be a Ceremonial President or Executive President. 

The Member of Parliament for Manchester North West Mikael Phillips, and President of  the Universal Negro Improvement Association, Steven Golding, argue that both political parties should include ordinary Jamaicans in this process.

Golding states that even if  a referendum is to be held the public must be integral in all aspects.

“Some of those consultations were done decades ago and if we are going to allow the nation to exact the political maturity that they had over that period - if we are going the way of a referendum, it shouldn’t be just a discussion between the political parties … the idea of us becoming a republic because we feel badly that Barbados has done it - I think some serious consideration needs to be given in terms of the people voicing what their preference would be,” Golding said. 


 Meanwhile, the MP for Manchester North West, Mikael Phillips, says consultation is imperative based on the wide changes that will be made for Jamaica to become a republic.

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