Expect more rainfall - PM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, addressing Parliament on Tuesday


Jamaica’s National Meteorological Service is monitoring a tropical wave that could produce increased rainfall over the island this weekend.

It says the waters of the Caribbean, especially south and west of Jamaica, remain favorable for tropical development as the system moves into the area.

As a consequence, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is urging persons living in high risk communities – “low lying areas, flood-prone areas… areas where we know the soil to be unstable” - to be on standby to evacuate, if necessary.

He told the House of Representatives that “rainfall amounts are going to remain near-to- above normal levels, even after we enter the dry season in December to January.”

Climate change

Mr Holness said these increases in torrential rains “are appearing to be repeating every couple of years…”

This, he said, was in keeping with “the anticipated impact of climate change, which will bring more torrential rainfall outbreaks, followed by longer, more intense droughts.

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