JCF responds to criticism about it publicising gun seizure at wharf in St. James

Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, Communication Officer for the Jamaica Constabulary Force
The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) says the decision to publicise the gun and ammunition seizure at the Freeport Wharf in St. James on Monday was strategic.
This follows criticism from some social media users that the police could have caught the perpetrators by awaiting the collection of the shipment.
US law enforcement agencies are assisting local police in the investigation.
Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, Communication Officer for the JCF, told Radio Jamaica News that the decision to announce the seizure was not made lightly. 
"Remember, these guns are being shipped by persons who are involved in organised criminal networks, so they know exactly what they are doing. So you have to calculate the risk of keeping it there and then next thing you know something goes wrong, or you find the guns and you take them in your custody, secure them so you're sure they don't get out there and you do the investigation. So the team that's working on it, they know exactly why they took possession of the guns," she explained.     
Nineteen firearms and more than 470 assorted rounds of ammunition were among the items seized.

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