JHTA wants clear indication of timetable for "reopening" of tourism industry

The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) has declared that it is time for the government to give a clear indication as to when the country's borders will reopen so that the tourism sector might get back on track.

A statement from the association says similar announcements have been made by Jamaica's Caribbean neighbors and it's time for this country to follow suit.

The JHTA says it has been working with the government to develop sanitization and personal health protocols to govern the operations of entities in the tourism sector.

According to the Association, all accommodations, attractions, transport operators and craft traders will be required to implement protocols benchmarked against international standards. 

The tourism lobby group added that the three month shutdown has had a devastating effect on nearly 300,000 direct and indirect tourism workers.

It highlighted the ripple effect on thousands of suppliers, including farmers, entertainers, distributors, craft traders, taxi drivers, artisans and tradesmen who have seen devastating declines in their businesses, resulting in massive job losses and business closures. 

The JHTA is warning that if there is no change some businesses might close permanently.

The Government recently stated that there will soon be a renewal of activities in the tourism sector.

Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett said feedback from the market suggested there is favorable demand for vacations in Jamaica.

He said several air carriers have also indicated they are ready to resume flights to the island.



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