JUTC revenue further declines due to COVID-19 pandemic

Marcia Hamilton JUTC Deputy Managing Director of Finance and Corporate Planning, Paul Abrahams JUTC Managing Director and Julian Robinson PAC Chairman
The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) told Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Tuesday the COVID-19 pandemic has caused revenues to continue declining. 
JUTC said there has been a 60% reduction in inflows becuase the bus company is only allowed to transport seated passengers due to COVID-19 prevention measures.
Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finance and Corporate Planning, Marcia Hamilton informed the committee that the fall off in revenue continued in December.
"We are down two-thirds in terms of revenue pre-COVID. For the month of December revenue was $143 million. That's fare revenue. We were doing close to 300 million before COVID," noted Hamilton.
JUTC Managing Director Paul Abrahams told the committee in some instances, a bus now earns $3,000 per trip. 
"The most we can carry is maybe 30, 35 persons. If you take a bus from Spanish Town to Downtown with 30 persons on board at $100 its $3000 that that bus earns," explained Hamilton.
Responding to a question from committee Chairman Julian Robinson about the company's economic feasibility at this time, Mr. Hamilton said JUTC has a mandate to provide public transportation, "so...that is what we have to do as best as possible."

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