Manchester health officials say symptomatic persons not adhering to COVID isolation rules

Dr. Nadine Williams, Medical Officer for Health in Manchester
The Manchester Health Department is expressing concern that some persons who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms are not adhering to isolation rules. 
Dr. Nadine Williams, Medical Officer for Health in Manchester, says the individuals continue to attend illegal parties, big funerals, grave diggings and other gatherings in the parish.
Dr. Williams is worried about the implications for public health. 
"Persons are still not wearing their masks in public spaces as they should and persons are still going about their business when they are symptomatic. So when we call the persons who are positive and you interview them, you get sometimes up to 20 contacts and these are people who are symptomatic and yet they are going around and exposing other persons," she lamented. 
Dr. Williams has reported an increase in the number of persons turning up at health facilities in Manchester with COVID-19 symptoms.
"I think what we're reaping now is probably what has happened since the holiday season, the gatherings, and so we're seeing more persons now presenting with symptoms, being tested and coming up positive for COVID-19. But we have been around this number in terms of active cases for a while now, but as I said, more persons are now presenting with symptoms than before," she explained. 
There are 50 active cases in the parish. 

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