NSWMA says current fines for illegal dumping inadequate

Audley Gordon
The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has said it is having challenges curtailing the number of people who illegally dump garbage, as the current fines are insufficient.
NSWMA Executive Director Audley Gordon told Tuesday's meeting of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that the NSWMA issues up to 500 tickets monthly to people who engage in the practice.
However, he said the current fines - which range from a low of $2,000 to a high of $10,000 - are inadequate to deter improper garbage disposal. 
According to Mr. Gordon, instead of being deterred, people laugh when they are presented tickets with those fines. 
He suggested that higher fines would be a more effective deterrent as it would make an example of those ticketed and result in "some movement in the right direction". 
Asked by PAC Chairman Julian Robinson whether the entity had ever made submission through its parent ministry for those fines to be increased, Mr. Gordon insisted "there is not just talk but actual work that's being done... to significantly increase those fines". 
He cited the Fixed Penalty Regulations of 2022 as one measure that is being worked on to address the issue. 

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