One Don Gang trial: Chief Justice to consider evidence for crimes not on indictment

By Racquel Porter 
Chief Justice Bryan Sykes says he intends to consider evidence given by former gang members outlining crimes for which the 27 One Don defendants are not charged on the indictment.
The prosecution's two main witnesses had given evidence about at least four murders and two shootings which are not included among the alleged incidents for which the accused are before the court.
Justice Sykes, who began summing up evidence of the year-long trial on Monday, said these incidents that are not on the indictment can be used to determine whether a criminal organisation exists, and its membership. 
Similarly, he said although some of the counts on the indictment failed, the evidence that was supplied is useful and could be considered in reaching a verdict.
Additionally, Justice Sykes said evidence by the main witness, a self-proclaimed ex-gangster, about Andre Bryan ordering the killing of a man at an informal community called 'Fisheries', and the torching of two financial institutions in St. Catherine, if accepted, can be used to establish that Bryan was the gang leader.

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