Operation to continue at White River to end illegal rafting, says TPDCo

The Tourism Product Development Company says the operation is continuing at White River in Ocho Rios, St Ann to end illegal rafting in the area.

TPDCo says the activities form part of a clear, hold, and reset strategy. It has indicated that the clear phase would be completed today.

The hold phase is expected to last for approximately five weeks, during which the operators will be re-engaged to discuss formalization of their activities.

In addition, TPDCo says it is undertaking a carrying capacity study to determine how many operators can be allowed on the river.

The organisation's Executive Director, Wade Mars says all stipulations were ignored and the operations at White River were chaotic.

Mr Mars says in the interest of the overall tourism product and brand Jamaica, the situation could not be allowed to continue, and going forward there must be proper management of the space in keeping with the River Rafting Act.

He says the illegal operators will be regularised and offered training in lifeguarding, CPR, business development and customer service to allow for inclusion and improved conditions.

Two men were detained in the operation which started yesterday.

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