PAAC meeting on Petrojam report delayed

PAAC members Juliet Holness and Fitz Jackson
Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) was delayed Wednesday morning due to a disagreement among the members regarding whether a report from Petrojam should be used during the meeting.
It was reportedly delivered half an hour before the start of the sitting.
The PAAC has been looking into the operations of Petrojam which is at the centre of allegations of financial mismanagement and corruption.
Committee member Juliet Holness objected to the inclusion of the report in the proceedings because of inadequate time to peruse the document.
"From our perspective as members, we should not be in a place where we're getting a report and there are persons who are prepared to ask questions from said report that the others have not had the opportunity to see," she reasoned.  
But committee member Fitz Jackson objected to the concerns, arguing that Ms Holness was attempting to delay the sitting.
"The document only will support what is going to be verbally provided by the entities before us. You don't have to read the document if you don't wish to or (are) unable to do it," he argued.  
Committee Chairman Dr. Wykeham McNeill allowed the document to be admitted.
However, the matter was postponed until next week's sitting.

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