PM admits Government struggling to avert domestic violence

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has admitted that his government is worried about the increasing incidence of domestic violence in the country.
Mr Holness was speaking with the media on Friday after visiting the home of Kemesha Wright who was murdered along with her four children in Cocoa Piece, Clarendon.

Rushane Barnett, a relative of Ms Wright,  has been charged for the murders.

The Prime Minister said his administration is grappling with finding a solution to domestic disputes, which unlike incidents linked organized crime, are hard to predict and avert.

He noted that many of these disputes are resulting in the loss of life and this trend must be arrested.

Accordingly, he's urging family members to alert the authorities when their loved ones exhibit violent tendencies during domestic disputes.

The Prime Minister announced during his visit that the government will be covering some of the expenses to bury Ms Wright and her children.


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