Public Sector Compensation Review process to go beyond July

Expectations that the the compensation review for public sector workers would have been completed by month end will not materialise.

The information was recently communicated to government-paid employees in the latest update on the 2022/2024 compensation review being undertaken.

The Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA),  as a member union of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, had met with technocrats in the Ministry of Finance & the Public Service as well as members of the Public Sector Transformation Implementation Unit to discuss cncerns arising from the compensation review process.

Radio Jamaica News has been informed that the unions  have pointed out that the review implementation targetof July no longer seems feasible.

Its understood that  that the Ministry has responded that its general target date was the second quarter and that July was merely  the start of that quarter.

In the update, the unions stressed that travelling officers and individuals in receipt of  non-taxable allowances  are at a disadvantage based  on the absorption methodology used.

A copy of a document detailing the update to the public sector workers the Finance Ministry indicated that, where any worker was adversely affected, a temporary allowance will be paid on an individual basis to respond to such anomalies.

The unions also raised  concerns about the sustainability of this proposed temporary allowance.

The JCSA has confirmed that further discussions will be held on that issue.

It was also revealed in the meeting that  several policy adjustments will have to be made and a separate mechanism will be used to address issues relating to leave, loans, education and training benefits.

On the subject of  transport allowances and duty concessions, the JCSA says they will be the subject of at least one more round of discussions between the unions and the government's negotiating team.

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