Residents of St. Benedict Heights stranded in flooded community

Residents of St. Benedict Heights in East Rural St. Andrew
Some residents of St. Benedict Heights in East Rural St. Andrew are stranded after heavy rains flooded a section of the community.
The main road is impassable. 
The residents say inadequate drainage led to the problem.
A resident, Ann-Marie Pinnock, told Radio Jamaica News that the situation is frustrating.
"As likkle rain fall, the whole place flood out. Right now mi deh a mi neighbour yard, that a just next door from me. The whole a up a my place up deh suh, landslide, all kind a tings happen. We need help, and we need some serious help like now. Me nuh mean next year or the other year or when, we need it like now. Here suh now, no vehicle cyan pass. If anything happen, me cyah come outta my yard because the water deh down deh suh. We need help!" she lamented.  
Another resident, Latoya, said she had to leave her house because of the rising water. She urged the political representatives to address the issues that that have contributed to flooding in the community.  

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