Scott-Mottley warns against SOE amendment to the constitution

Senator Donna Scott Mottley, Opposition Spokesperson on Justice,  has come out strongly against a proposal by Prime Minister Andrew Holness for an amendment to the constitution to make it easier for the Executive to use emergency powers.
Mr Holness suggested that the constitution should be modified to facilitate this under certain circumstances.
But Senator Mottley, speaking Tuesday on Radio Jamaica's Beyond the Headlines, said  Mr Holness was seeking to assume more power than a Prime Minister should have. 
This, she said would be an inappropriate use of the emergency power "as a tool that they can just impose."
According to her, this was an admission "that they cannot deal with the crime situation effectively otherwise."
Furthermore, she said, this was an attempt to "remove the power which the Senate has been given to be a proper review chamber, and to be a check and balance on the power of the Executive."
Rather than attempting to remove this provision, she said ought to be an expectation of "the strengthening of  people's rights under the constitution."

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