Security forces step up search for gang members in Olympic Gardens

ACP Devon Watkis, head of the Area Four Police and a resident of Olympic Gardens
The security forces have intensified operations in Olympic Gardens, St. Andrew as they search for gang members linked to an upsurge in violence which has left several persons dead within the last 24 hours.
Raids were being carried out in the area Wednesday afternoon.
There was a triple killing in the White Wing community Tuesday evening and two fatal shootings in other sections of the St. Andrew South Police division Wednesday morning.
Assistant Commissioner Devon Watkiss, head of the Area Four police, said operations are ongoing in several areas, including Compound, White Wing and Majesty Gardens.
RJR News has been informed that 50 people were detained Wednesday afternoon in Olympic Gardens.
Investigators say three of the detainees were being sought for gang activities in the area.
During the operation, the cops searched 22 houses on Bay Farm Road, Olympic Way and Compound.
They seized $300,000.
A machine used to compress ganja and one round of ammunition were also seized.
In fear 
Meanwhile, residents of Olympic Gardens say they have been living in fear since the violence erupted.
"How you aguh feel fi come out early inna di morning when man a dead an yuh nuh know which part inna di community di man dem deh a bleach fi kill somebody?" one resident told RJR News
ACP Watkiss has assured the residents that the security forces will remain in the area in search of the violence producers "in a bid to suppress the continuation of the issue."  

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