Slight majority opposed to Andrew Wheatley being a candidate in upcoming general election - Don Anderson Poll

The latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll has found that a slight majority of Jamaicans are opposed to  former energy minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley  running in the upcoming general election in the wake of the Petrojam scandal.

Fifty-three-point-one per cent said the findings arising from an investigation of the Petrojam issue should prevent Dr Wheatley from running, while 46.9  per cent said he should be allowed to run.

Dr. Wheatley, MP for St. Catherine South Central, is seeking his third term in the House of Representatives, but a slim majority of  Jamaicans do not think he should be running given recent damning findings by the Integrity Commission.

The Integrity Commission had concluded in its report, released in June, that Dr Wheatley had not been forthcoming in his responses to questions from the entity regarding irregularities and acts of  corruption at Petrojam.

He was questioned about a birthday party which was thrown for him and paid for using tax dollars. He was also asked about his relationship with several key persons who were improperly hired by the state-owned oil refinery, while he was the energy minister.

Dr Wheatley has filed an application in the Supreme Court for leave for judicial review of aspects of  the Integrity Commission's report. He's seeking an order for the Director of Investigation to recommend to the Integrity Commission that he be publicly exonerated of allegations concerning acts of impropriety and nepotism.

The Petrojam scandal and other irregularities in the energy ministry led to Dr Wheatley's resignation from the cabinet in 2018.



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