St. Elizabeth records reduction in major crimes

The St Elizabeth police have reported a 33 per cent reduction in all major crimes in the parish since the start of  the year when compared to the same period in 2018.
The disclosure was made by head of  the St Elizabeth Police Division, Superintendent Catherine Lord, while addressing Thursday's monthly meetng of  the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation.
She disclosed that the police have been placing special emphasis on clamping down on robberies and break-ins which increased last year. Both categories have recorded declines so far this year.
The police also cleared up four of  the seven murders reported in St. Elizabeth since January 1.
Superintendent Lord also disclosed that next month the police will place greater focus on executing warrants especially those for child support.
She  said the police have hundreds of  warrants for child support and with May being Child's Month they will be more aggressive in serving them.
Superintendent Lord urged delinquent fathers to contact the police to determine if  they among those for whom warrants have been issued.

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