Tufton sidesteps questions about Market Me contracts

Dr. Christopher Tufton and Radio Jamaica's Dionne Jackson Miller
Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton on Thursday repelled questions from the media about the controversial Jamaica Moves contracts awarded to Market Me.
The two contracts totalling more than $50 million have been under scrutiny, particularly after revelations that Market Me was the only company considered for the job.
It's also been revealed that Market Me was given ad hoc jobs by the Health Ministry and its agencies for which it was additionally paid more than $20 million.
However, Dr. Tufton on Thursday said he would answer no questions on the matter.
"First of all, this press briefing is called COVID Conversations. It has been the case from we've started having it. I am going to respectfully ask that we confine our discussions to COVID and the very important issue that is of so much concern to Jamaicans. We can deal with that issue at another time. I'm sure there are other occasions when the question will be germane and will be responded to appropriately," he responded. 
However, journalists continued to push. Dr. Tufton was questioned about whether he had given orders to his staff to locate the documents said to be missing in relation to Jamaica Moves and whether information in relation to the first contract with the company would be made public.
However, the minister reiterated that "this press briefing is titled COVID Conversations and with respect, I'd like to confine the discussions around this issue because this is what persons who tune in want to hear about."

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