Verdict expected next week in trial of man accused of Lauriston murders

A verdict could come next week at the trial of Kemar Riley, who is accused of killing a woman and her daughter in Lauriston, St. Catherine, eight years ago.
Trial judge Viviene Harris on Friday stated that the case will be handed over to the jury on Monday following her summation.
Charmaine Rattray, 40, and Joeith Lynch, 18, were murdered at their home on the night of July 19, 2011.
They were shot, chopped and beheaded.
Investigators had reported that they were killed by members of the Clansman gang.
During closing arguments Friday, Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn urged the jury to find Mr. Riley guilty of the murders.
She said the jurors should accept the credibility of the jailhouse witness who testified against Mr. Riley.
Mr. Riley is accused of confessing to a cellmate at the Spanish Town lock-up in 2011 about his involvement in the murders.
In her submissions, the DPP urged the jurors to consider the detailed testimony of the jailhouse witness, who was not at the scene of the crime.
She said he could only have obtained that type of information from Mr. Riley.
The DPP added that Mr. Riley, who lived in the area, did not go to the murder scene, like the other neighbours, the following morning, because he knew that Ms Rattray and her daughter had been killed.
Ms Llewellyn submitted that Ms Rattray and her daughter, who was in 6th form at the Queens School, did not deserve to die in such a brutal fashion.

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