Olympian says more Jamaican student athletes could enroll for US colleges in due course

Voice of Jamaican Olympian Davian Clarke

Former collegiate coach and Jamaican Olympian Davian Clarke says the new NCAA changes could see more Jamaican athletes entering the US collegiate system.

As of this month, standardized test scores are not required for all student-athletes who initially enroll full time on or after August 1 of this year.

During the 2023 NCAA Convention, Divisions 1 and 2 adopted legislation to remove standardized test scores for these student athletes.

The vote was based on the recommendation from the standardized test score task force, a specialized group charged with reviewing initial eligibility requirements as part of the NCAA's 8 point plan to advance racial equality.

Clarke who was a coach in the system up to last year, sees it as a promising sign for Jamaican track and field athletes.

Meanwhile, Clarke does not foresee a problem for local clubs who might miss out on some of the top talents from the high school level.



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