Girlfriend of accused killer denied bail after trying to smuggle contraband into lock-up

Dwanye Anderson reports
By Clinton McGregor    
The 18-year-old girlfriend of the man charged for the contract-style killing of paralegal Sandra Risden along Washington Boulevard last month, was denied bail Tuesday when she appeared in court following her arrest Monday for attempting to smuggle contraband into the Constant Spring Police lock-up.
Corina Clarke, a resident of Woodpecker Avenue in St. Andrew, was charged Monday with the offence of introducing contraband into a lock-up and unlawful possession of property, after the cops seized two cellphones, a quantity of ganja and other contraband in her possession at the station.
Ms. Clarke, who is pregnant, hid the contraband in a container of food being delivered to her boyfriend, Ojo Russell.
She was refused bail when she appeared before the St. Andrew Parish Court Tuesday afternoon, and is to return on March 5.
Superintendent Shericka Service, head of the St. Andrew North Police, told Radio Jamaica News that Ms. Clarke will be detained at the South Camp Adult Correctional facility, instead of a regular lock-up, due to her pregnancy.
Ms. Clarke gave an interview to Radio Jamaica's sister station TVJ, last week, insisting that Mr. Russell was not involved in the killing of Ms. Risden as he was at home with her at the time of the incident.
Ms. Risden, 63, was gunned down in traffic along Washington Boulevard on January 18, by men on a motorcycle.
Mr. Russell was captured a few hours later in the Waterhouse community.

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