Google launches Gemini, an AI model trained to behave more like humans

Google on Wednesday launched project Gemini, a highly intuitive AI model trained to behave in human-like ways, likely to intensify debates about the potential promises and perils of the technology.
The phased launch will see less advanced versions immediately incorporated into Google's AI-powered chatbot and smartphones.
Gemini is expected to be better at quickly summarising recordings and automated replies on messaging services, starting with WhatsApp.
Its biggest advances come early next year in the form of Bard Advanced.
The AI, at first, will only work in English, and is expected to have no problem eventually diversifying into other languages.
Google says Bard Advanced might be capable of unprecedented AI multitasking and will eventually be infused into its dominant search engine.
Gemini is expected to outsmart Microsoft's most advanced OpenAI, ChatGPT 4.

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