Kent Village residents protest as probe into Rio Cobre fish kill continues

Kent Village resident 'Marshall' and Natalie Neita Garvey, MP for St. Catherine North Central
Residents of Kent Village in St. Catherine have started to remove dead fish from the Rio Cobre in St. Catherine as the probe continues into the pollution of the river.
The residents placed some of the dead fish along the main road in the community as part of a protest on Tuesday morning.
That protest has since ended. But one of the residents, 'Marshall', lamented that many incidents of fish kill have occurred in the river and their lives and livelihood are being jeopardised. 
"Everything dead, so we woulda like some justice. We nah go nuh further wid no demonstration but we a wait by now and even Thursday fi see what the outcome, if no authority nah come come address nutt'n,' he declared.  
Natalie Neita Garvey, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine North Central, has called for the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to urgently identify the persons responsible for the fish kill. 
"Right now I'm standing here and the place stink! It cannot continue that way. Children live here and people were already fishing downstream when this chemical was already in the water. Whatever it is doing to the fish, it is doing to the human beings as well," she warned.  
NEPA has said a media release will be issued later on Tuesday in relation to the testing of water samples taken from the river.
The agency advised persons against collecting the dead fish for consumption or using the water.

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