Gaps in Jamaica's power grid must be urgently addressed - Vaz

Daryl Vaz
By Halshane Burke 
Energy Minister Daryl Vaz has admitted that the Jamaica's power grid is in need of immediate attention.
His comment comes after acting CEO and Chairman of the Jamaica Public Service Company, Damian Obiglio, said the grid is designed to withstand hurricanes up to a category 3.
Hurricane Beryl was a category 4 storm when it passed just south of the island wreaking havoc on the south coast, with much of St. Elizabeth still without power.
Mr. Obiglio said though preparation was made for the passage of Beryl, the high winds negatively affected the grid.
Mr. Vaz has said after the restoration work is complete, the gaps in the power grid will have to be addressed. 
"There's no two ways that when everything has been restored that we will have discussions with JPS to make sure that whatever we can do to improve for any upcoming event will be done. There are some shortcomings - there's no ifs, ands or buts - but this is not the time to deal with that. We need to just deal with the recovery and after that we have discussions," he declared.

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