Not enough teachers for face-to-face component of National Summer School programme

Jullett Frazer-Sadaar, Principal of St. Mary High School, and Timroy Shaw, Principal of Highgate Primary and Junior High in St. Mary
At least one school is having challenges with starting the face-to-face component of the National Summer School programme. 
Jullett Frazer-Sadaar, Principal of St. Mary High School, said only one teacher has expressed interest in participating in the programme.
"Even though we have a few students who are interested and a few parents who are definitely interested, it is not mandatory for teachers to teach at summer school. They decide whether they want to teach or not, so we cannot force them," she explained. 
Mrs Frazer-Sadaar said she is uncertain when the face-to-face component will begin at the institution, but noted that "as long as we get the number of teachers that are needed, we are willing and ready to start."
Highgate Primary postpones classes 
Face-to-face classes under the National Summer School Programme have been postponed at Highgate Primary and Junior High in St. Mary.
The school's principal, Timroy Shaw, said arrangements are being made for classes to start on Wednesday. 
"At present, we are fairly prepared. We have on rule about 120 students who we have targeted for this initiative and we hope to see them starting tomorrow." 
He said the classes were postponed on Tuesday to facilitate the school leaving exercise. 
Mr. Shaw revealed that some teachers at his school have also opted out of the summer school programme.

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