UWI student in torture case remanded as bail application to continue Friday

By Racquel Porter 
The legal team representing Matthew Hyde, the University of the West Indies (UWI) student accused of the abduction and torture of a female student, is to continue its part heard bail application on March 31.
Mr. Hyde was further remanded when he appeared in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Monday.
Attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie, during his guarded application Monday afternoon, disclosed that the 20-year-old has no previous conviction.
The accused was interviewed by consultant psychiatrist and therapist Dr. Wendel Abel and a report prepared.
Referring to bullet points five and six from a copy of the report, Mr. Champagnie said Mr. Hyde has never been given the opportunity to either sustain care or treatment of a particular nature.
Noting that the report is telling and in some instances damning, Mr. Champagnie said the legal team thought it would be an important element of the bail application.  
Senior Parish Court Judge Lori-Ann Cole Montaque interjected, stating that most of the report came from the lips of the young man.
Mr. Champagnie, who began his application with the disclaimer that it would be part heard, said he believed Dr. Abel should be present in court.
But the judge said this was not necessary.
Mr. Champagnie argued further that if granted bail, his client could be confined to a particular facility where he could get the necessary treatment.
He said Mr. Hyde's immediate caregiver would not be in a position to provide care.
The attorney suggested that a quarterly report could be attached as part of his bail condition.
Judge Cole Montague stressed that there is a competent psychiatrist who works with the government.
But the attorney said based on what is outlined in the report, it would appear Mr. Hyde requires more than the treatment he would have access to while in custody.
The clerk of court having listened to Mr. Champagnie's application stated that there is nothing to show the suggested facility is capable of providing the necessary treatment.
Questioning the name of the facility, Judge Cole Montaque stated that there must have been some preparatory work in relation to accommodation.
The attorney, while explaining the nature of the facility, provided an address.
Mr. Hyde is charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, use of malicious communication, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and false imprisonment. He is alleged to have held his ex-girlfriend captive for three days in his room.
The complainant was reportedly discovered some time after 10 p.m. on February 9.

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