Osbourne rubbishes claim of ‘extremely excessive’ compensation request

By Kayon Raynor 

Coach Shanikie Osbourne has rubbished the claim by Elaine Thompson-Herah's management team, Andi Sports Management, that her remuneration request for coaching services was quote "extremely excessive", which led to the negotiations breaking down.

The coach was quoted by Sportsmax TV as saying that what the sprinter's team "put out, saying we gave them no room to negotiate, is a big lie!"

Osbourne confirmed via quote that she requested for "15 per cent" in separate meetings with Thompson-Herah and her husband, Derron, noting further that she rejected a "garbage contract” from the latter.

Coach Osbourne did not state what her expectation of 15 per cent of Thompson-Herah's shoe contract was, nor the flat figure which was offered.

However, Radio Jamaica Sports sources with knowledge of the negotiations indicate that the Olympic champion's team had offered a flat rate of US$40,000 for the year, which would amount to less than 50 per cent of what Osbourne was requesting.

Speaking on TVJ's Prime Time Sports on Wednesday, Thompson-Herah's agent Marvin Anderson said he was not overly concerned about the timing of the coaching change with the Olympic Games less than nine months away.

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